WALLFLOWERS are a really popular addition to your SPRING garden and can be planted now. They have perky spring blooms, in shades of reds, yellows, pinks and white.
Available bare root in bundles of 10.

POLYANTHUS - These are all grown here on our own Nursery. Again a must for Spring colour but as an added bonus, many are flowering already.

BELLIS - These are so pretty with little pink, red or white pom poms. All grown on our own Nursery.

CINERARIA Silverdust. This is a tough half hardy annual and looks really well in borders or tubs, with strong or with pastel flowers. We've grown a few too many so these are just £1.00 a pack.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Gardening.
Carrie and all the Hawgrip Team

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Our Fabulous Pack Pansies and Violas are all HOME GROWN. Perfect for pots and troughs and definitely worth underplanting with tulips and daffs for a wonderful Spring show.

3 packs for £5.

Hope to see you soon
Carrie and all at Hawgrip 🌸

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Houseplants and their HEALTH benefits ........

1.Plants can help fight colds: Indoor plants have been shown to reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30%.

2.Plants can remove airborne contaminants: We breathe the same air again and again, potentially inhaling harmful substances that are trapped inside.

3.Plants can stop your headaches: Filling your home with plants can decrease or eliminate headaches.

4.Plants can make you happy: House plants can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing, making you calmer and more optimistic.

5.Plants can improve your mental health: Caring for a living thing can help when you’re depressed and lonely, giving you a purpose in life.

There are lots more reasons too but I thought this was enough to be going on with.

We have a wide selection and a new delivery just arrived. Just Stunning and all at great prices too

Come and see us and rethink your houseplants and home.

Carrie and all at Hawgrip x

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Everyone is asking for WALLFLOWERS.....

We're pleased to say they are ready straight from our Nursery NOW!!!

These are fabulous UNDERPLANTED with tulips for amazing Spring colour and we have plenty of wonderful TULIP BULBS to choose from and they give weeks of pleasure.

Happy Gardening

Hope to see you soon.

Carrie and all at Hawgrip x

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Couldn't resist being 'David Bailey' (for those of you old enough to remember who he is !) for a few minutes this morning with such Beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine!!!

We've had loads of new Shrubs in this week and together with all the fresh stock growing on our Nursery we have lots of fabulous colour for you. Heathers, Violas, Pansy, some lovely Viola Teardrop baskets (trailing), Chrysanths, and some really beautiful 'Royalty' Hydrangeas. Wall flowers are available now too.

You should be thinking about planting Spring Flowering Bulbs in the next few weeks. We have a wide choice at GREAT prices. These are selling fast and its perfect weather to spend some time outside pottering in the garden.

We hope to see you soon

Happy Gardening

Carrie and all at Hawgrip

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