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We are now open daily.  Please ensure you abide by social distancing guidelines when you visit us.

Hawgrip Nursery has been in existence for over 25 years and in 2017, when the previous owners, Colin and Helen retired, was taken over by a local family – brother and sister and is still an INDEPENDENT FAMILY BUSINESS. It still operates in a similar way with thousands and thousands of home grown plants, all grown here on site but now with a far wider range of hardy stock too.

Everything is competitively priced and Hawgrip Plant Centre is a proper Plant Centre. No coffee shop, gifts or nic nacs, just Core Gardening and if you love your garden, you’ll love it here. We aren’t all singing, all dancing and we probably aren’t considered immaculate, but we do know what we’re doing when it comes to growing plants and bedding plants in particular. This year we’ll be growing well over 1 Million and thats a lot of pricking out and potting on.

Stock changes quickly and we keep our prices keen to keep our greenhouses working at capacity. We grow in heated and unheated houses and our plants are strong and healthy. We doubt you’ll find a better product and certainly not at these prices. We grow more Perennials now than ever before and this is becoming a big part of our Summer production.

You’re in for a treat if you haven’t visited for ages and an even bigger treat if never before. We are located on the edge of Enderby Village, a few minutes from Fosse Park Shopping Centre. Quite easy to find at Seine Lane, Enderby, LE19 4PD

Open Monday to Saturday 8am – 4pm
Sundays 9am – 4pm

Come and see us soon. You’ll always get a warm welcome.
Carrie and All the Team at Hawgrip Plant Centre and Nursery.

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Somewhere hiding amongst thousands of baby plants are these beauties ……Growing on OUR Nursery are a fabulous range of Dahlias grown from Tubers. (Tubers are the roots of mature plants and look like a cluster of carrot-like roots joined by the previous year’s dried stem). We have never had quite this selection before and they won't all be on sale at the same time, but watch this space. These beauties are just starting to shoot and as soon as the frosts have gone, will be on sale. Some real stunners.Look out for them or ask whilst in store for our BIG DAHLIAS! We will keep you posted on FB in any event.Happy GardeningCarrie and all at Hawgrip🌸 ... See MoreSee Less
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Looking ahead to 2022 – Notes from the NurseryWho knew that there were so many DICENTRA to choose from!!! We’ve just placed orders for next spring (never have we been this organised) and have found some cracking varieties that we haven’t grown or even seen before. The Dicentra you all know and love is Dicentra Spectabalis, or Bleeding Heart, and it is a beauty, but some of these will take some beating. Generally a shade lover, these pretty perennials bring a touch of colour to an often difficult area of the garden. Perfect for woodland areas and semi shaded rock gardens or perennial borders. Grown underneath lilacs or other flowering shrubs or combined with hostas, astilbe or pulmonaria – these bring a magical touch in early Spring and on and off through the Summer.Watch this space for 2022. We are running low for this year but still have a few more growing on the Nursery. Next year – look out Dicentra lovers. Be warned - You will be spoilt for choice. Make a diary note for March and April 2022Tell us your favourite – we may need to increase our numbers!!Happy GardeningCarrie and all at Hawgrip 🤍💜💜🤍. ... See MoreSee Less
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OTHER COLOURS ARE AVAILABLE ......Our Bedding Plants have arrived on sale in force. Everything for your tubs and borders, baskets and planters and not JUST in Pink!! Names such as Indian Summer, Cherry Ripple, Blueberry Punch, Rhubarb and Custard, Blue Ice and Creme de Cassis all evoke visions of a colourful summer to come. Lets just keep our fingers crossed!Its still early but our basket plants, surfinias, million bells, genaniums and fuchsias are selling well and the favourites do sell out quickly (however hard we try and adjust the production schedule) so don't leave it too long. You just need to factor in a little protection or heat if you see the night temperatures heading south.Happy Colourful Gardening everyone. Best Pink WishesCarrie and all at Hawgrip x ... See MoreSee Less
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MILLIONS OF MILLION BELLS….Million Bells or Callibrachoa are a really fantastic summer bedding plant. They flower profusely and are stunning in baskets, window boxes, hay racks, tubs and planters. The Colours are vibrant and they are very easy to look after.These plants bloom best with at least six hours of full sun, but they can also tolerate partial shade.We have 200 trays of Million Bells on a very SPECIAL OFFER. We grow 95% of our Summer Bedding on our own NURSERY and we grow Million Bells/Callibrachoa in trays of 24 plants. A whole tray of Million Bells (24 plants) will be £20.00 which means less than 85p each!!! You will not find them at this price anywhere else. This only applies to Million Bells and the trays cannot be mixed with other trailing plants or surfinias for the offer. If you can use 24 plants, which is pretty easy to do when you are doing hanging baskets and tubs, come and grab this bargain offer asap. 200 trays will go very quickly. Do watch the weather warnings over the next couple of days. There are some cold night temperatures! Typical April in the UK!!!Happy Gardening EveryoneBest WishesCarrie and the Hawgrip Team ... See MoreSee Less
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EXTREMELY HOT and FIERY and Its Going to get even HOTTER this summer ….The First of our Chilli Peppers have come up for sale today. Apache, Cayenne and Chenzo are on sale now. Chilli Plants are SO popular at Hawgrip that we have extended our Chilli range for 2021. These plants are not all ready yet but are all growing away nicely.Did you know that the measure of Chilli Heat is known as The Scoville Scale (shu). This important rating is defined as the number of times a chilli extract needs to be diluted in water for it to lose its heat??!! At the lowest scale a bell pepper ranks at 0 shu. Jalapenos are between 3000 and 6000 shu and Habanero 300,000 shu. As you can see we have some pretty HOT ones on their way. Apache (80K), Armageddon (1.3M), Basket of Fire (80K) , Bhut Jolokia (1.1M), Caroline Reaper (1.6M to 2.2 M) , Cayenne, Curry Chilli, Chenzo, Demon, Habanero, Jalapeno, La Bomba, Red Fresno, Scotch Bonnet (250K), and Thai Dragon. Armageddon is a new one to us and sounds pretty mean!!! Dare you try?? Do Tell us your favourite or if you have a request, let us know and we'll investigate for 2022. No promises though. Some seed is very hard to come by.As we said above – some of these aren’t ready yet but keep your eye on FB and we’ll try and post as soon as they are on sale. No need to look anywhere else – we’ve definitely got ‘HEAT’ covered!Tomato Plants are ready now too and Cucumbers, Courgettes, and Squash are well on their way. On Sale next week.Alongside our normal varieties, we’ll have tomato, cucumber and aubergine plants as GRAFTED plants this year as a trial too. Grafted plants are very vigorous, offer very good disease resistance and can produce earlier and higher yielding crops. More Expensive to start with but Well worth a try.Tomato varieties scheduled for production on the Nursery are Shirley, Moneymaker, Alicante, Ailsa Craig, Nimbus, Red Alert, Red Profusion, Sweet Aperitif, Gardeners Delight, Golden Crown, Black Opal, Brandy Boy, Supermarmande, Crimson Crush, Coeur de Boeuf, Bauna, Cherry Falls, Honeycomb, Peardrop, Tumbling Tigress and Outdoor Girl. Quite a lot of choice!! These won’t all be available in one go, so keep your eyes peeled.Happy Gardening EveryoneBest April WishesCarrie and all at Hawgrip Plant Centre and Hawgrip Nursery🌶🌶🌶 ... See MoreSee Less
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